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Digital Marketing Services

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Your branding requires consistency and a level of voice that must be both creative and unique. Let us help you discover what that is.

Some target areas:

  • Brand evaluation 

  • Mood boards and color palettes

  • Brand guides and brand books

  • Brand positioning, brand voice, value statements, etc.

  • Light strategic planning

  • Content development

  • Media and press kits

Knowing where you want to go requires first knowing where you are projected to remain without expert guidance.

Some target areas:

  • Technical site health and performance

  • Core Web Vitals and speed

  • Soft SEO ranking

  • Social media metrics

  • Issue areas and recommended action plan

Every business needs a hand. Whether you need a specialist to manage your campaigns or someone on call, we are here to help.

Some target areas:

  • Content marketing and creation

  • Email campaign management

  • Copywriting

  • Social media marketing

  • Hard SEO optimization & strategy

  • Website management

  • Video editing and production

  • Website design...and more!

Our Client Process

FREE Client Consultation

Tell us about your brand and let us help you identify your needs to meet your desired goals.

Service Terms & Conditions

All Client Consultations and Site + SEO audit services are considered a la carte. A consultation and an audit must be completed before any digital services begin. This gives us a snapshot of your brand's current performance and your intended goals. Price quotes are delivered following audit completion. We offer flat rate pricing and subscription payment plans.*

​We are very selective about the client projects and contracts we take on as we only sign on clients if we feel we have the right timeline and team availability to match brand goals. Some digital services will be scheduled in advance. If you have a specific timeline or launch date, please use the contact form to have a member of our team reach out to you. An expedition fee may apply, if applicable*​

7-Day $10 discounts and 10-Day $5 discount promotions apply to ALL service sign ups following a new client Site + SEO audit. Sign up promotions are locked in and deducted from your first TWO digital service invoices!*

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Our Delivery Options

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Weekly Subscriptions

For regular or changing content needs with multiple moving deadlines across a digital strategy or content calendar.

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Custom Subscriptions

For occasional content needs, maintenance, ongoing content management projects, and monthly or quarterly reporting. 

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A la carte

For one-time services or trials, check out our services and product store. Book a consultation with our team for assistance.

DigMarSer - Subscriptions
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